The Chafin Difference


What is The Chafin Difference?

The Chafin Difference is our entire team’s goal to make you as proud of your new Chafin home as we were to build it.

Our team always strives to stand out and give MORE to our homeowners. At Chafin, we believe that your home is one of the most important investments you will ever make and that everyone deserves to own a high-quality well-built home.  

MORE is not a word usually associated with home construction, but to the founding brother’s, Eric and Daryl Chafin, MORE is the perfect word to describe our philosophy.

So, whether this is your first home or your tenth home, we want you to have confidence that we have the advanced building technology, decades-long experience, and hands-on process needed to build your home to the higher level of standards you need and deserve.


The Chafin team’s commitment is to give each of our buyers a new home to be proud to call their own.

Builder Experience

Top 10 Builder in Atlanta, Over 25+ Years, and 7,000+ Homes Built

Award-Winning Floor Plans

Choose From Designs That Have Won Over 100 Awards

Innovative Designs

Making Every Square Foot of Your Home Work For Everyday Use

Community Lifestyle

Enjoy Recreational Amenities, Facilities, and Fitness Interests and Activities

Design Options

Choose Exterior and Interior Design Packages Through The Decorator Advantage

One-Stop Financing

Streamlined Home Buying Process With Our Partner Lender

Personalized Customer Care

Prioritizing Giving Each Home Buyer a Personal Experience

Technology Trends

Energy-Efficient Features and Smart Home Options

Quality Over Quantity

Uncompromising Quality Control Process

After Close Care

Peace of Mind With Award-Winning Home and Builder Warranties Plus Home Care Guides



We invite you to find your Chafin home today and see how much MORE you can come home to!

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