All About Mortgages and Home Financing Options


There is a LOT to Understand About Financing a New Home, so Let Our Partner Silverton Mortgage Help!

There are so many financing options when buying a home that sometimes it can get overwhelming. There are so many different banks, lenders, and brokers, that we brought on board our partner lender, Silverton Mortgage to help guide you through it all.

Don’t stress yourself out – we are here to help you find and choose the best mortgage product for you!

All About the Mortgage Process: Simplified!

Have MORE Questions? Try This In Depth FAQ Mortgage Guide

Mortgage FAQ’s covered in this Guide:

What is the Timeline of the Mortgage Process?  What Do Some Of These Mortgage Terms MEAN?

How Do Credit Scores Work?  What Mortgage Options Are Available?

What Down Payment Options Are There?  What Income Requirements Are There?

How DOES the Interest Rate Affect YOUR Buying Power?  What Are The Advantages to Owning VS Renting?

How Does Mortgage Insurance Work?

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers! Contact one of our licensed Mortgage Loan Originator today for additional help.


What’s YOUR Buying Power? Mortgage Payment Calculator


Planning of getting a mortgage on your new home? A mortgage calculator will help you estimate what your monthly payment will be and will help you determine how much you can afford. A new home is a significant purchase. The calculator online to estimate your monthly payments.


Learn More About Our One Stop Financing option with Silverton

Silverton Mortgage has their top rated team working hand-in hand with Chafin as our partner lender.

In an effort to give you the best possible home buying experience, we have a partner lender to reduce the chances of you missing your close date due to a lender’s error.  This team has worked with Chafin for decades, is extremely professional, comes highly rated by past customers (links below), and is very trusted by Chafin Communities to get you to the closing table on time.


Financing Terms & Definitions


Google is great, but sometimes too vague or not industry fine tuned. To find a specific term that is just for home buying, browse this alphabetized list of definitions.


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