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Choosing the right COMMUNITY with the right AMENITIES for you.

The RIGHT community may have to have certain onsite Amenities, OR none…BOTH have pros and cons.

Each Community has at least an HOA that manages the front entrance & shared spaces, but some have a wide range of amenities like a swimming pool, cabanas, water slides, and more…

What’s on YOUR List?

aFull Neighborhood Clubhouses?        aOpen Air Community Cabanas?

aOlympic Sized Pools?        aKiddie Pools with Mushroom Fountains?

aEpic Water Slides?         aPrivate Onsite Gyms?

aMeandering Walking Trails?       aDog Park?

aJust Green Space?       aQuaint Picnic Pavilions?

There are PROS and CONS to having amenities AND to not having them.  

The HOA fees are lowest with just green spaces to maintain and highest the communities with the most amenities.

One thing to factor in though with communities that DO have a lot of amenities (like a gym, park, pool, etc) is you SAVE money & time on driving to/from finding those things to do outside your community…and that offsets the slightly higher HOA dues.

Multiracial group of five children in swimming pool

How Do You Find the Chafin Community with What YOU Need?

Go to the “Find a Community” and LOOK under the community name…there you will see under each community name the different amenities offered at each community.  If you see nothing listed, then it just has an HOA for green space maintenance only which is also the lower HOA fees.


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