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Choosing the Right LOCATION

The RIGHT location is MORE than just the GPS location.

map location

Things to consider when choosing where to live:

location of workHow close IS it to your WORK?

Imagine the route you will take.  View it on Google Maps to see the mileage.

location of schools

How good are the SCHOOLS?

Even if you do not have children in the schools, good schools are key to maintaining property values.

There are several websites with a long history of tracking public schools and here are a few: 

Public School Review

USA School Reviews

location of shopping in the areas

Where are you going to GO SHOPPING?

Is the nearest Costco, Walmart, or Home Depot 30 minutes away?

Each of our communities have a point of interest map on their page with the top shopping, dining, parks, and healthcare nearest them.

delivery location

Does UPS/FedEx DELIVER?  Can You GET Ride Share?

How will you get your Packages? And Uber or Lyft?  

Our communities are located in key areas that get most deliveries and ride shares.

location of internet


Make sure the type of internet is available in the area!

location of restaurants

Where do YOU Like to Dine?  How are the local RESTUARANTS:

Where will you dine out or hang out with friends?

Check out the local restaurants, UberEats areas, bars, and Starbucks

amenities location

What Type of AMENITIES Do YOU Need?

If you don’t have to drive to fun places, then living farther out is a nice trade off

Does the community have amazing amenities like a home gym, a swimming pool, a playground, green space, or walking trails?

Are the amenities important it to you?  Will you use them?  The usually entail higher HOA dues per month, but add value to your home’s property

park location


Check out the location and amenities of local parks where you can take kids or grandkids to playgrounds, go to the lake or beach, trails to hike, or places where kids can play sports, etc.

locationAdvantages AND Disadvantages


Close In: That huge house may lose it’s appeal after you have driven the 2 hour one way drive to work a few time.

You can do the “car test”.  The Federal Government (as of 2021) has a mileage cost of a car at .65/ct per mile, so do a cost comparison of closer in versus farther out just by factoring in that cost of repairing/maintaining a car  

Farther out locations have the perk of being future proofed, as in that is where growth will end up, so you can put down roots because you could very easily stay a long time which saves you a lot of money in moving and real estate costs  

Farther out locations may also have MUCH better amenities because the cost of land is lower, so the builder CAN add all those wonderful things like walking trails, swim clubs, picnic parks, dog parks, and more

Each of our Community’s pages here have custom maps to view all the key locations nearby.