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Posted Monday December 4, 2017 in Awards

Energy Efficiency Homes and Building Green by Chafin Communities

The key to energy-efficient homes is to believe in the product and build it. Each year, the community spotlight award is given to a Right Choice builder. This builder must have dedication to energy-efficient construction. Plus a tremendous impact on the Jackson EMC community.

These companies have championed the Right Choice brand in excellence and volume. They commit to quality and total electrical construction. This helps to helps sustain low rates.
Finally, Chafin Communities was proud to receive the Jackson EMC Right Choice Community Spotlight Award for 2016. Here is to more energy efficiency with homes in our future! 

Read more about Jackson EMC: Good Habits Can Equal Savings

“Just a few good energy efficiency habits can save energy and, in turn, help to lower your monthly bill.

  • Turn off lights, appliances and tools when not in use.
  • Install a programmable thermostat for energy savings in summer and winter. If you have a heat pump, ask your HVAC professional for a programmable thermostat designed for it.
  • Eliminate vampire energy. The electricity consumed by appliances and equipment that’s switched off but still plugged in. This wasted energy can cost $100-200 a year Unplug devices when not in use, and use a power strip to turn off multiple devices at once.
  • Learn how your home uses electricity. Learn more about your energy use with our Home Energy Monitor. Using your account information, this interactive program provides personalized advice on how you can save energy
  • Do it yourself. Use our DIY Energy Projects videos with step-by-step instructions to tackle home energy efficiency projects.”
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