Ranch Homes: Pros and Cons of Single Level Living

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Posted Wednesday April 3, 2019 in Floorplans

Ranch Homes Single Level Living – The Surprising Pros and Cons

Ranches homes are in very high demand in Metro Atlanta today. They usually sell faster than we can build them, but believe it or not we still have a few with Buyer Bonuses on them.  Links below for more.  Here is the rundown on the basic pros and cons that some people don’t always think about.


  • Maintenance is easier with one story homes are easier to clean on the inside no stairs to lug vacuums or laundry up and down – AND way easier on the outside. Shorter ladders are only needed for cleaning windows, gutters, or hanging outdoor lights. Also less expensive to paint when needed.
  • Safer to navigate toddlers and elderly parents may not be able to safely navigate the stairs. Single-level living reduces the number of falls or accidents. It also means you can safely age in the home you built memories.
  • Easier to evacuate  In case of a fire, everyone has a window and a short drop-out. Earthquake ranches are the safest structure during one.
  • Easier for parents with small children – Small children usually mean many times getting up at night. With all the bedrooms on one level, you aren’t going up and down the stairs and fighting a baby gate all night. You can do this with a 2 story with all bedrooms up too.


  • More expensive to build A ranch plan requires a larger footprint, which means more concrete, more roofing materials and a larger homesite. Both add to the cost.
  • There is less privacy with bedroom windows on the ground floor, people can literally walk by or worse see in from the nearby home.
  • Smaller yard  the ranch plans larger footprint takes up some of the space that would have been your rear yard

Ranch floor plan options:

  • Single level living  If no stairs living is a must, then a ranch without a bonus room is it
  • Bonus room option  If you don’t mind stairs to some of your home’s space but still want a ranch plan with the owners suite on the main, most of our ranch plans have or offer optional bonus rooms or optional bedroom/baths up


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