This is for Chafin Communities Warranty Service Requests.

The Chafin Communities Warranty Response Team appreciates the opportunity to service your new home needs. Our first goal is to provide you with responsive and quality service regarding any warranty issues with your new home. Your satisfaction is our success.

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Please READ about Warranty:

EMERGENCIES: FASTEST way is to contact the trades directly, more instructions below on WHAT defines an emergency.

NON-Emergency: FASTEST way is to submit online form using the ABOVE link called “Submit a Request”.

What They Are and What to Do
At any time during the Chafin Communities Warranty period, should you experience an emergency situation (as defined in the Home Buyer’s Warranty (2-10) Manual), please refer to the list of plumbing, heating, and electrical contractors you were provided with at your new home orientation. This list should be adhered to the inside of your kitchen sink cabinet door. We ask that you contact the appropriate contractor directly and then follow up with us in writing so we can document the work that was performed on your home.

Should the emergency not involve these types of contractors, please call Chafin Communities Warranty during normal business hours Monday through Friday at 770-831-0844. After normal business hours, on a weekend or holiday, please page the warranty technician at 770-869-5064 and punch in a telephone number with which we may contact you in the next hour, or complete a Service Request Form and an e-mail will be sent to us (emails will be responded to within 24 hours on weekdays).


Emergency Items – Typically there are three general areas emergencies will fall into:

1. Major plumbing failure – does not include water leaks, which can be isolated by turning off the valve at the sink or commode and does not include sewage backup due to homeowner misuse.

2. Major electrical failure does not include tripped circuit breakers or power outages caused by your electrical provider.

3. Heating system failure does not include air conditioning failure.


If you are unable to reach an emergency trade contractor in the event of an after-hours emergency please allow one hour for a returned call. Then call our after-hours emergency digital pager number at 770-869-5064 and leave your telephone number. A Chafin Communities representative will return your call within one hour.

If after responding to your emergency request, Chafin Communities determines that it was a false emergency (i.e., normal tripping of circuit breakers, replaceable blown fuse on the heating system, toilet overflow due to Homeowner misuse, etc.), any service call charges for the plumber, electrician or furnace technician, will be billed to the homeowner. Please be certain you have a legitimate emergency in order to avoid these charges.

If a dangerous situation occurs, immediately call 911 or the appropriate civil authority, such as the fire department, public utility department, police, etc.


It is important that you are familiar with the basic operation of the mechanical systems in your Home.

1. Become familiar with the location and operation of the circuit breaker box,

2. Know where the location of the main water shut-off valve is and the location of the individual fixture water shut-off valves

3. Become familiar with the location and type of fuse that controls the electrical supply to your furnace.


All else should be submitted via the link above. NOTE you must have your HOME REGISTERED to submit a request. See your closing package for that information.

Not Sure?

For all other requests, please call our main office at 770-831-0844.